Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Family Summer Bucket List with small children

Fun Family Summer Bucket List with small children
This summer my little girls are three and five. This summer we decided to stay close to home and focus on quality family time together. Below is my brainstormed list of fun ideas to choose from. This list includes a variety of activities, some you will need to drive and pay for but others are basically free. I realize this is a long list but we will have fun seeing what we can do this summer. I have this list taped to my refrigerator and I look at it for inspiration from time to time. No stress.       
  My girlies making Mud Pies

Our Fun Family Summer Bucket List
* Visit the local Planetarium and Children’s Museum (In our case it’s the and admission is free the first Sunday of the month)
* Visit the local zoo
*Visit the most famous zoo in your state (In our case it is the New Orleans Audubon Zoo)
*Go Skating
*Go to the Aquarium of the Americas, Butterfly Walk and Insectarium in New Orleans (Check out what aquariums and butterfly gardens you have in your state)
*Enroll the kids in Swim Lessons
*Family trip to local water park (in our case it is Blue *Bayou Water Park
*Go family Blueberry Picking (See what seasonal fruit is available in your area)
*Visit the Global Wildlife Center   (See if there is a wildlife refuge in your area)
*Go to the movies together
*Go the Chick-Fil-A family night to let the kids play and make crafts (It is on Tuesday nights in our area)
*Family Bowling night
*Go see a local play for children (In our area one option is
*Go to Chunk E. Cheese

Free or Virtually Free Summer Bucket List Ideas:
*Join the Library Summer Reading Club, visit the library and check out books
*Go to some of the fun free Library programs
*Grab a tent and camp out in the backyard one night (Borrow one if you need to)
*Go to Lowes for their Build and Grow free make and take craft workshops for kids, (Just type in your zip code and see what is being offered in your area)
*Go to Vacation Bible School, VBS (See who is offering it near you)
*Go visit Bass Pro Shop, if there is one in your area, (They have free crafts and family activities. You can check the schedule to see what is being offered. There are also many animals, fish and cool things for the kids to look at and do in the store.)
*Go on a family picnic and fly kites
*Go on a family scavenger hunt (I plan to do a nature themed scavenger hunt at a local park and invite another family to join us)
*Plant something together and watch it grow (I like sunflowers but any plant will work)
*Invite friends for play dates with our family to the park
*Make homemade bubble juice together and blow regular and giant size bubbles (There are lots of recipes online, my favorite has Karo syrup in it)
*Make homemade bubble wands and try blowing bubbles out of different things, like socks
*Make a dessert together (If you have girls they could dress up with aprons)
*Family bike riding trip
*Go to the mall to ride the carousel, ride the train and play on the playground
*Board Game/Family Game Night
*Invite another family with children over for dinner and a movie or game night at your house
*Wash the car together (Don't forget the water guns)
*Go get snowballs or make your own
*Slip and Slide in the backyard and play with the sprinkler
*Make mud pies after a rainstorm
*Make fun Science things in the kitchen with the kids (I plan to make slime or play with cornstarch and water but there are lots of ideas on Pinterest)
*Find some hills and let the kids slide down them in box lids or roll downhill (In our case we use the LSU Indian Mounds)
*Go to a beach, if not a beach then a calm local river beach to play in the sand (Be sure to bring sand toys)
*Make sidewalk chalk art, Hop Scotch challenges and draw a maze
*Play some new educational games on the computer and iPad together (There are so many...)
*Get out pillows, sheets, blankets and flashlights to build tents/forts in the living room (Once the tent is built you can read a story with the flashlights)

Have FUN and Don't forget to stay hydrated!