Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Here is a cute Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Teacher Appreciation Week craft idea for about $20. I'm going to call it a Summer Fun Kit.
In May 2012 I saw a picture for something like this on Pinterest but there was no link to a tutorial or any explanation. I loved this concept! Using the picture as my guide I puzzled it out and made these teacher goodie kits with my daughter. They came out great and the teachers loved them! 

Here is my tutorial breaking down all the steps for this year's Teacher Appreciation Week.


Assorted Ribbons (hopefully you already have some on hand)
Spray Sunscreen ($5)
1 Towel ($5)
1 Insulated Plastic Cup ($5)
1 Magazine ($5) 
Jolly Ranchers and/or Starburst (Optional candy to put inside the plastic cups)
Hot Glue Gun
Rubber Bands
File Bands (the really long rubber bands)

The Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, Ribbon, Towels and Sunscreen

Insulated Plastic Cups, File Bands, Magazines, Glue Gun and rubber bands

 Step 1: Fill the cups with candy

Step 2: Tightly roll the towel as shown with the patterned part on the outside

Step 3: Use two rubber bands to secure the bottom of the towel. If the towel has a pattern, the pattern should be on the top.

Step 4: Position everything like it will look once assembled. Notice that the rubber band end of the towel is on the bottom.

Step 5: Use two  large File Bands to secure all the items together. The file bands should be doubled. In other words, each file band will wrap around the items two times. You want to be sure the file bands cover and overlap the two rubber bands on the towel. This is done so all the rubber bands are hidden under the ribbons. 
* Note: I find it easier to wrap the file bands around all the items without the sunscreen. I lay all the items horizontally by the edge of the table to wrap the file bands. Once I have the file bands positioned properly I add the sunscreen to the bundle last. 

Step 6: Cover the rubber bands with ribbon. I start with hot glue on the rubber band on the sunscreen and place the ribbon on top. Use small dots of hot glue on the rubber bands and attach the ribbon all around the bundle.   

 Step 7: Make a name tag. In our case my children have multiple teachers so just put "From" and my child's name. This way the teachers can decide among themselves who gets what magazine and which color cup and towel. I used a variety of different colors this year.

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