Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shredding T-Shirts
(New Sewing Required)

I tend to exercise and work out a lot so I am always on the lookout for ways to make my outfit look a little more exciting. When I attended a recent Zumba Fitness workshop many of the other instructors had cut their T-Shirts in a variety of ways. Naturally, I had to learn how to do it!

Items needed: 
Fabric cutting scissors 
Marking device (I recommend a fabric chalk marker or a bar of soap. For my first shirt I did use a fine tip sharpie, which worked fine.) 
Cardboard to insert in the shirt to prevent cutting through to the other side accidentally (A gift box works great) 
T-Shirt (For use as a workout shirt I recommend a thin shirt that fits somewhat snuggly. The 3 shirts I used all came from Target in the sleep-ware department for about $12.)

Things to remember, the thinner the fabric the larger the space you should make between cuts. After you cut the fabric always pull the strings it to make them stringy. Try the shirt on often and make more cuts and changes as desired. Start small because you can always cut more later but once its cut you can't put it back on with out a sewing machine. 

Useful Excuses for cutting T-Shirts other than just to workout: Teenage girl's B-Day Party, Library Teen Program, Halloween / Zombie costume, 80's retro theme, Etc...... 

Inverted V Shape on front

Added one weave and cut up the sleeve

For more creative ideas check out Salina's YouTube Tutorials on how to cut up T-shirts. The ones that I found most useful were 8 Ways to Cut T-Shirt Sleeves, T-Shirt Weaving 101 and "Cut Up the Back of Your T-Shirt" .