Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Ugly / Gaudy Christmas Sweater DIY

Last year I won the ladies ugly sweater contest at a dear friend's party with this howling ugly creation. 
I made the sweater with things I already had around the house and I did not buy anything. 

I only wish I had added battery operated blinking Christmas lights to the tree. 

To complete the look I wore pick-tails with the matching green bows, sewed green bows on my shoulders and wore green sparkly bulb ornament earrings. I still Shudder when I look at this picture!

If you want to create a sweater so ugly people's eyes bleed to look at you, here is how I made mine.
Be sure to see the update I posted, I added lights to make it more "Festive". 

To Do It Yourself Ugly Christmas Sweater 
Second hand sweater or sweater you will donate to the cause
Red tinsel or any other color
Contrasting color ribbon (I had the kind of ribbon with wire built in to help it hold the shape.)  
Small ornaments 
Needle and thread (I used my hand quilting thread because it is stronger than regular thread.)
Optional - sewing machine
Basic sewing skills
Know how to make a small bow

For the Barrettes:
Two barrettes
Two twisty ties (the kind you get off bread loafs)

Pin the tinsel in whatever shape you like. I made a triangle shape. Sew the tinsel by hand into place. I confess that I did use the sewing machine to sew some of the tinsel on with the zig-zag stitch. However, it was problematic. I kept breaking my sewing machine needles and ended up hand sewing a large portion. Sew a bow or something else on top of the tree. Once the tinsel is in the desired shape, sew on the ornaments. 

Note: when I sewed the ornaments on I sewed them to where they hung by their thread. In other words, the ornaments had free movement. That way if you shimmy or move quickly, the ornaments swing! Hahaha
Completed sweater with additional bows on the sleeves.

For the hair barrettes I made small bows and used twisty ties to attach them to the barrettes.

Remember! We are going for Ugly, Tacky and Gaudy. Nothing has to be perfect or symmetrical. I intentionally left the hair the bows different sizes to add to the awkwardness. Let things be sideways and imperfect. 

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